Before/After School Care

This service is available through out the school year. In the morning we operate between 8a.m. and 9a.m. and then we either walk our children to school or take them to the bus for St John Bosco School in Erskine. In the afternoon our children are collected from school or the school bus and brought to Cairellot to enjoy a full programme.

We believe that our children should have their say in what after all is their After School Care. How do we do this? Our children have formed an After School Care Council. This group represent all our children and meet every month with the staff to discuss certain issues brought from the children. The young people have the opportunity to make decisions, develop their ideas and budget for any new resources they wish to purchase. The council team are split into job roles e.g. Banker, Spokes Person, Manager etc. they choose who is who and what their role entitles them to do.

Our children have their own enterprise project. This can involve making mothers day cards, presents for Christmas or items to sell at the Christmas Fayre. This varies depending on what the children would like to be involved in. Any funds raised are spent according to the wishes of the children.

The children themselves take charge of whose turn is when at snooker, air hockey, table tennis, basketball or whatever activity they wish to participate in. They choose what snacks they want on what days and sometimes staff require to intervene to look at healthy options, for example burgers and chips is not appropriate every day.

The children are actively encouraged to have their views and respect themselves, the other children and the staff within our service. We feel children have sat at school all day doing what they have been told to do and now they should be given the opportunity of relaxing. We do have codes of conduct, which have been made up by the children for the children.

Play Scheme

These are offered to parents and children during in service days, bank holidays and all school holidays apart from Christmas and New Year.

The children and staff work closely together to identify outings and visits to the after school care. The planning of activities is also joint venture and children are encouraged to express whether they enjoyed what they had done over their day within the play scheme.

We arrange for sport coaches to come in and organise a varied programme with the children. The children enjoy arts and crafts and experience working with a wide range of materials. We have experts coming in to offer different activities for example animation which the children really enjoy. We have now purchased our own video camera and laptop to enable the children to have free access to this type of activity.

All our staff are highly motivated and want the best for our children. They listen to the children and take forward their ideas, likes and dislikes.

Our children appreciate what we offer and are always willing to complete questionnaires to enable us to look at our strengths and weaknesses. During our Care Commission visit the children were very forthcoming to the Officers, explaining what their role was and what they enjoyed. The Care Commission Officers were very impressed and this was reflected in the report, which is available on their web site

Our children being treated as citizens is a very important part of our ethos and this is reflected within the Day Nursery, Community Nursery, Before/After School Care and Play Schemes.

After School Care

After School Care

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