Our focus for the 3-5 age groups consists of five areas of the Curriculum:

Physical Development and Movement

The children enjoy energetic activities indoors and outdoors experiencing the feeling of well being that this brings. They develop an awareness of space working co-operatively with other children and adults ensuring they are safe when doing this. Awareness in health and fitness is highlighted through out these activities. Physical Development is broken into two sections gross motor and small manipulative skills. Gross Motor skills are associated with large movements eg. the climbing frame, large blocks, hoops, balls and manipulative skills enable the children to develop their pincer grip form e.g. threading, writing, cutting, small construction.

Our children go on outings within the local area and have also visited the airport, police station and various museums.

We have regular visitors to the nursery, police, police dogs, fire fighters, dentist, and each week we have a storyteller visiting all areas of the nursery.

3–5 Room

3–5 Room

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