3/5 Room – Medium Term Plan

Our medium term plan is based on mind mapping. This is when the children make all the decisions in a spider chart form e.g. the children may choose to work on dinosaurs therefore the staff ask what kind of activities we could do for dinosaurs? This is when the child takes complete control of the planning and say things like dinosaur cakes, dinosaur models, dinosaur toys in the sand. The children may decide to go and organise a trip to the dinosaur museum and visits to the local library for books. The story bags relating to dinosaurs can go home, the children can borrow books from our lending library and discuss with their siblings what they know on this matter. This can then result in books from the home and knowledge gained from websites being shared with the rest of their peers. The length of this plan will vary according to the children's interest.

The staff take this type of plan and build it round the curriculum covering learning outcomes such as: matching/sorting by size, colour, and type; develop their senses (talking about the texture of their skin, the noises they make, the food they ate). The children learn to share resources within nursery and what they have brought from home. They build links between the nursery and home by sharing the knowledge and experiences they have gained.

The children then evaluate this plan with staff expressing their likes and dislikes, what they would like to do again and what did not interest them. This develops their communication and language skills, helps develop their confidence knowing their ideas and interests have been taken on board.

We believe in our children being respected as well as them showing respect as this promotes our belief in the citizenship programme we provide.

3–5 Room

3–5 Room

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