3/5 Room – Weekly Planning

All staff are fully trained in our planning system. This takes place in-house and as the system is reviewed staff are consulted and given training in relation to any changes.

Planning ensures that all children have breadth and balance across the five key aspects and programmes are flexible and respond to the needs and interests of all our children. It also maps out a progression of the children's learning and development.

A weekly plan is split into the five key aspects and the playroom is divided into 5 areas as shown previously and a member of staff is allocated to a specific area on a weekly rotation.

This highlights what activities and materials will be provided over a week. This will give all children the opportunity to learn through their own choice of play. Staff carry out observations to ensure the quality and variety of provision.

Each day the children have a specific physical time and follow a programme which tracks individual development.

Some parts of the planning are child led and we have a medium term plan which consults with both children and adults.

3–5 Room

3–5 Room

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