2/3 Room - Planning

This is carried out on a weekly basis by staff and evaluation of the plan is also discussed.

Staff plan for the individual child and each has an individual development plan. They also have a profile which, records activities through photographs and pieces of work. This information is used inform staff of the next steps of development for the children.

The Curriculum does not come into our under 3 programme. We have a specific programme to meet the needs of this young age group. The emotional well being of our children is of prime importance and children will learn through play in a stimulating environment. We provide a wide range of experiences, which encourages our children to investigate at their stage of development and at their own pace.

The under three rooms have a flexible routine which takes into account how the children feel at that particular time. Parents can express what sleeping patterns and feeding routines they would prefer, but if we feel the child will benefit from a change to routine this is discussed with the parents.

2–3 Room

2–2 Room

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