The story of Cairellot the Caterpillar

Cairellot is a wriggly little caterpillar who comes to nursery to make friends, play, learn and have fun. When he is five years old he grows into a beautiful butterfly and flies away to school!

Cairellot even has his very own song!

Cairellot, Cairellot, what are you?

Cuddily and gentle but wriggily too

Many colours you handsome fella

Furry and warm little caterpillar

Home is Bishopton our Nursery

Help us make friends and be happy

We’ll keep you safe and care for you

Remembering all around us too

Playing together we’ll all have fun

Painting or gluing or baking a bun

Climbing or puzzles or singing our song

We’ll be happy all day long

When we’re five off to school we’ll go

Sadly to Cairellot say cheerio

Out of our caterpillar we’ll become

The most beautiful butterflies in Bishopton

Chorus is sung after each verse