At Cairellot, we know how important it is to eat well to help maintain children’s health and wellbeing. We employ our own in-house cook to ensure all the children’s meals within the nursery are freshly prepared each day and we buy fresh, high quality produce from our local butcher. The daily diet we provide is well balanced and a selection of fresh fruit is available every day and included as part of their menu. Our meals and snacks meet the Government requirements laid out in the Setting the Table document which ensures there is a balance of nutrition across the week’s meal plan. We can provide breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack and late afternoon tea, dependant on your child’s needs and care arrangements, and all our meals are served with milk or water. Our cook prepares a weekly menu (displayed on the noticeboards) consisting of healthy, varied options. Below is an example of what may be on offer on our menu. (What meals/snacks are served to your child depends on the time/s he or she attends the nursery)

We encourage children to be actively involved in what they do at nursery, and mealtimes are no exception. During lunch, snack and tea we encourage children to help develop independence skills including serving themselves (with support for our littlest children!). Children sit together at a seated area which in turns supports their sense of inclusion and encourages their social skills, as well as encouraging them to try new tastes and textures while with their friends!

We are used to catering for children’s differing needs and we will take into account all dietary requirements. When registering your child, please ensure you notify us of any special instructions relating to their diet.


Time Food
Breakfast Toast or cereal
Morning Snack Fruit, crackers, chess, dips and vegetables
Lunch Examples Homemade beef goulash with basmati rice / homemade cake, Homemade salmon and herb fishcakes, potatoes and beans/ fresh fruit salad, Homemade steak pie, peas and potatoes / oatcakes, cheese and grapes, Homemade soup / lemon chicken with pea risotto / natural yoghurt, raspberries and mango
Afternoon Snack Fruit, crackers, oatcakes, cheese, dips and vegetables
Tea Examples Cous cous and sausages, Baked potatoes, cheese and beans, Homemade pizzas, Chicken pasta